We aim to widen the range of quantum simulations with cold atoms, by investigating phenomena arising from the long-ranged dipolar interaction in reduced dimensionalities. We are operating a new experimental setup based on quantum gases of the highly magnetic Dysprosium atoms. This is a joint project between LENS and CNR-INO, Sezione di Pisa.

First measurement of the superfluid fraction of a supersolid

Supersolids exhibit unique properties halfway between traditional superfluids and crystals. In our latest study, we examined the superfluid behavior of dipolar supersolids, focusing on the superfluid fraction, a crucial concept introduced by Nobel Laureate A. Leggett in the 1970s. By investigating a cold-atom dipolar supersolid, we measured a reduced superfluid fraction, revealing non-standard superfluid dynamics. We achieved this by probing the supercurrent between adjacent sites of the supersolid, triggering Josephson oscillations. Our findings pave the way for new research into phenomena like partially quantized vortices and supercurrents in supersolid systems, enhancing our understanding of related condensed matter systems.

G. Biagioni et al.
Measurement of the superfluid fraction of a supersolid by Josephson effect
Nature (2024)

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