We aim to widen the range of quantum simulations with cold atoms, by investigating phenomena arising from the long-ranged dipolar interaction in reduced dimensionalities. We are operating a new experimental setup based on quantum gases of the highly magnetic Dysprosium atoms. This is a joint project between LENS and CNR-INO, Sezione di Pisa.

Congratulations Giulio!

We are immensely proud of Giulio Biagioni, who has defended his doctoral thesis "Can a superfluid be solid? A study of the supersolid phase in a dipolar quantum gas", achieving the summa cum laude distinction. In the last few years, Giulio has given invaluable contributions to our research, enriching our group in countless ways and inspiring many experiments. We wish him all the success and fulfillment he deserves, and even more luck in his academic journey!

See also the thesis

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