Considering the hurdles of experiments with more than one atomic species, the temptation arises of rephrasing Arthur L. Schawlow: "Double-species Bose-Einstein condensates are condensates with one species too many". We think otherwise. Quantum mixtures allow the investigation of a wealth of genuinely quantum phenomena: mixed phases of superfluids and Mott insulators, impurities and polarons, chemistry at zero-temperature.

A new potassium-rubidium mixture experiment under construction

We assembled a new vacuum system: a single 2D MOT for both the 87Rb and 41K plus a 3D MOT where we plan to produce a “dimple trap” for the evaporation of the double species condensate. The chamber is provided with re-entrant viewports for high resolution optical access.

K/Rb people

Luca Cavicchioli
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Alessia Burchianti
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Chiara Fort
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Massimo Inguscio
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Francesco Minardi
Scientific staff
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Giovanni Barontini
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Gregor Thalhammer

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K/Rb funding

EU Quantum Flagship
Qombs (2018-2021)
  Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Firenze
SUPERACI (2018-2020)
  Progetto Premiale 2013 ABnanotech