Considering the hurdles of experiments with more than one atomic species, the temptation arises of rephrasing Arthur L. Schawlow: "Double-species Bose-Einstein condensates are condensates with one species too many". We think otherwise. Quantum mixtures allow the investigation of a wealth of genuinely quantum phenomena: mixed phases of superfluids and Mott insulators, impurities and polarons, chemistry at zero-temperature.

Quantami Project is started!

QUANTAMI (Quantum Atomic Mixtures: Droplets, Topological Structures, and Vortices) aims to explore novel matter phases and quantum phenomena arising in interacting multicomponent superfluids. We will exploit the K-Rb tunable quantum mixture manipulated in optical potentials to realize and study topological superfluid structures, like rings and shells, as well as exotic vortex states and rotating droplets. We will explore the complex interplay among interactions, quantum fluctuations, topological excitations and dimensionality.

The project founded by MUR is a joint effort between CNR-INO (local coordinator Dr. A. Burchianti), the University of Padova (project coordinator Prof. L. Salasnich) and the University of Parma (local coordinator: Prof. S. Wimberger).

Join us on this adventure! We are looking for motivated candidates for a postdoc position: further informations

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