Pushing the limits of atom interferometry...The system we want to realize is a Mach-Zender spatial interferometer operating with trapped Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs). Phase diffusion caused by interatomic collisions are suppressed implementing BECs with tunable interactions in ultra-stable optical potentials. Entangled states can be used to improve the sensitivity of the sensor beyond the standard quantum limit to ideally reach the ultimate, Heisenberg, limit set by quantum mechanics. Our project aims at developing a sensor with unprecedented spatial resolution able to compete with, and eventually overcome, state-of-the-art interferometers with cold (non condensed) atomic waves.

Welcome Chiara!

Our heartfelt welcome to Dr. Chiara Mazzinghi, who has recently completed her PhD at ICFO and is now joining our team!

We're delighted to have her on board!

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Andrea Santoni
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Chiara Mazzinghi
Research Fellow
Giovanni Modugno
Scientific Staff
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Scientific Staff
Marco Fattori
Scientific Staff
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Simon Coop
Giovanni Ferioli
Manuele Landini
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Giulia Semeghini
Giacomo Spagnolli
Andreas Trenkwalder

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