Quantum simulations with a tunable Bose-Einstein condensate… We use BECs made of potassium-39 atoms, with interaction tunable via Feshbach resonances, to explore open problems in condensed-matter and few-body physics. Recently we have been studying quantitatively Anderson localization of non-interacting matter waves in disordered potentials, the interplay of disorder and interactions in low-dimensional systems, and superfluidity in bosonic wires.

QUIC meeting

We are pleased to announce the workshop of the EU project QUIC (Quantum Simulations of Insulators and Conductors) which will take place at LENS on April, 20th and 21st. The talks will be open and there will be time for lab visits and scientific discussions for everyone interested, not only for the QUIC team members.

A detailed program of event can be found here

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