Mass imbalanced fermions are great! In the CrLi lab we want to produce a novel Fermi-Fermi mixture composed by Lithium and Chromium atoms. At the Cr-Li mass ratio exotic trimer states exist, which in turn will allow the first resonant control of elastic three-body interactions. This opens new perspectives for the study of elusive superfluid and magnetic phases with ultracold fermions.

First Cr/Li MOT achieved!

We have finalized the construction of the experimental setup, and we're now able to produce the first Lithium-Chromium MOT worldwide! Fun has just begun!

Cr/Li people

Elettra Neri
PhD student
Alessio Ciamei
Research fellow
Cristiano Simonelli
Research fellow
Andreas Trenkwalder
Research fellow
Massimo Inguscio
Permanent researcher
Matteo Zaccanti
Permanent researcher
Former members:
Michael Jag

Cr/Li contacts

For further information, request of material, job opportunities, please contact:

Matteo Zaccanti

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